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Until one is committed there is hesitance, the chance to draw back.

WH Murray Mountaineer




From ancient times people have been aware of the importance of writing down goals.


So, if Health Tracka is going to work for you, first write down your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Share them with a primary health care professional - doctor, fitness practitioner, dietician or counsellor - or a few friends.




Then record your progress, daily and at the end of the week send your spreadsheet off to a couple of people so they can see whether intention has been met by reality. That's the key to keeping yourself motivated - and honest. I send my progress reports to my doctor and a couple friends.


Just on the question of 'motivation': - you don't motivate yourself to do something, you do something and then become motivated! It's a great word, coming from the combining of motive and action. You need both.


In the sample Health Tracka spreadsheets (below) there are places to record various health measurements along with your daily amount of aerobic fitness activity.




Aerobic fitness is the key driver of good metabolic health.


I use the Aerabyte method of recording the aerobic activity I do each day. Then, at the end of each week I share it with my doctor and a few other people, all with the intent of reinforcing my commitment and keeping me honest.


When working out on the stepper I also get a read out of steps and calories.


I keep track of two metabolic health markers, blood pressure and resting heart rate and there is space on the spreadsheet to record blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Weight (the adipose content of it) along with percent body fat are also key markers of metabolic heaLth. I need to lose some weight so I've incorporated the 1% Weight Loss Tracka into the Health Tracka.




I also keep track of my visits to the gym and the three essential strength exercises to do at home - situps, pressups and squats. When I go to the gym I have a 20 minute flexibility routine.




If you'd like a copy of the Excel spreadsheet to record your progress toward enhanced levels of aerobic fitness and better metabolic health, go to the contact form and send me an email request.


For the next few months I'll be posting my Health Tracka results so you can see how it's done - and whether achievement has exceeded intention.


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