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The essence of junk food is that it’s food that’s been through a manufacturing process.

1. It’s been through the mill the oven or, in the case of the rissole, the piece of fish and the potato, the fat bath.

2. It’s refined flour that contains over 1000Kj/100gms. Immediately that captures the garbohydrates; - bread, pasta, breakfast biscuits, sweet biscuits, dry biscuits, cake, ice cream and chips.

3. It’s food that has been denatured and lacks living enzymes. That's why rats will eat the box first!

4. It's food containing empty calories, calories that fill up the stomach but fail to nourish the cells of the body.

5. It’s food loaded to the gills with food additives – preservatives, flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, surfactants, thickeners … At last count there were over 4000 additives in our food.

6. It’s food loaded with extra fat - to appeal to the fat tooth. That’s one of the reasons you like chocolate, ice-cream, biscuits and cake. It gives food a soft texture - the difference between a Jatz cracker biscuit and a Ritz cracker biscuit.

7. It’s food loaded with extra flour which acts as a filler.

8. It’s food with added sugar, designed to increase consumption through an appeal to the sweet tooth. That's why we're getting fatter. Love the taste, eat more.

9. It’s food that contains artificial sweeteners.

10. It’s food that comes in gaudy packets and wrappers, in bottles, tins, cardboard boxes, cellophane and plastic bags. Yellow ands red seem to be all the go.

11. It’s food that comes with the endorsements of world famous sports nutritionists like Pat Rafter, Lisbeth Tricket, Delta Goodrem, David Beckham, Ian Thorpe and a host of sports stars as long as your arm.

12. It’s food which through the strategic use of imagery and colour is marketed to fools and children as being nutritious and wholesome.

13. It's food that is promoted by association with children's comic figures; including such luminaries of the nutrition world as Bart Simpson, Coco the Monkey, Toucan Sam, Garfield the cat and Snap, Crackle and Pop.

14. It's food which is less important in the eyes of the manufacturer than the brand.

15. It's food of doubtful quality that's marketed in association with wholesome activities, particularly physical activity and other healthful pastimes.

16. It's food that's euphemistically labeled ‘’convenience food’. Convenience food, fast food, junk food - all pretty much the same. Strange that you never hear a piece of fresh fruit referred to as a convenience food! It's in the manufacturing process that the distinction is created.

17. It’s carbonated soft drink, containing bubbles, caffeine, sugar and aspartame, the most popular of which is the cold brown syrup containing 11% sugar.

18. It’s the hot brown syrup; coffee, with milk, caffeine and sugar.

19. It’s the booze, beloved of rock start, sports stars and sporting associations.


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