John Miller






The role of the metabolic engine is to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients into every cell of your body and to get the waste products from those cells out of your body.


Most of the parts of the motor are located inside your torso. The spark that keeps the motor turning over is located somewhere inside your head!




If you're not firing on all cylinders you need a metabolic defrag.


-  Increase your oxygen intake with vigorous aerobic activity.


-  Change your diet so you eat more of the food that's good for you and  less of the

    food that isn't. Eliminate poisons from the system.


-  Clean out your exhaust system. Increasing aerobic activity, eating more fruit and

    vegetables, increasing your fibre intake and drinking copious amounts of water

    should do the trick.


When you're firing on all cylinders you'll be feeling absolutely fantastic. Blood pressure, blood glucose and blood sugar levels will be normal. You'll be able to complete 40 laps of the 20m run test in five minutes. You'll be close to your ideal weight.



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