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At the PhysEd Network our aim is to provide teachers with resources to broaden the scope of their curriculum and enhance the effectiveness of their teaching.


We are concerned that the health, fitness and wellbeing of out community is declining and that students should leave school and start their adult life with a high level of health and fitness.


The schools fitness test is a universal fitness test that students can use for the rest of their life.





Our principal resources are


  The Huff and Puff exercise program


  The  Schools Fitness Award


  The Complete Fitness Workout for secondary school students


  The Hourglass Diet


  The Global Back Care musculo-skeletal health program


Through our Tri-Skills affiliate we conduct school-based physical education, sports, fitness and gymnastics programs.


We also conduct teacher professional development programs.


In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned while we develop this site.








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