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Top 10 Australian shitbag targets so far this year


Kevin Rudd

Bill Shorten

Sarah Hanson-Young

George Pell

Noel Pearson

Clive Palmer

John Coates

Laurie Oakes

Tony Abbott

Gillon McLachlan


... and counting



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That was great. Kitty are there any more left?






Welcome to Shitbaggers Anonymous


If you've been

let down

cheated on


abused by customers

owed money and can't get it back

been bullied at home or at work
left off the team
brushed off
belted by your parents parents
lied to
subjected to years of religious indoctrination

have a tenant who won't pay the rent and you can't evict

on the receiving end of exceptionally bad service - in a shop, by a repairman ...
mistreated by someone who's mean and vindictive


Shitbag a politician


We'll publish a list of which politicians have received the most shitbag awards.


Best of all we'll do it with good taste.


They'll get an attractive certificate that lets them and everyone else know that they've been shitbagged.


Some people will wear it as a badge of honour, frame it and hang it on tie wall. Like, if you haven't been shitbagged there must be something wrong with you.


With a bit of luck being shitbagged will become a status symbol, Everyone will want a certificate to hang in their office. It's just when they get dozens of them that they'll get worried. Don't worry, we've got a special discount for bulk orders, we'll send them out, electronically or by mail, day after day until your order is satisfied. This will really piss people off.


Fan clubs will be established. It could become a secret society to rival the masons, the Catholic Church or any of the branches of Islam. In a fit of reverse snobbery, we've known people to send them to themselves, just to get one on their wall and impress their friends. Even nice people will want other people to know that they're not as pure as the driven snow.


In fact if you enjoy a good laugh at your own expense (at a substantial discount), get the full set and install them in the pool room. Or hand them out at random at the staff Christmas party. People will piss themselves laughing.


How good's that?




You're upset right? Really pissed off - in fact mightily shat off. And you're looking for a way to get your own back - without the target of your disaffection knowing?


Well here's sweet revenge.


For a modest consideration we'll shitbag your target by sending them


an excremental, gift wrapped shit box or


a certificate - electronically or by mail.


Your anonymity is protected, guaranteed, absolutely by our encryption software. No one will ever know who was the instigator of 'the gift that keeps on giving' that we send on your behalf - unless you tell them.


Using this service you can shitbag
bull shitters
chicken shitters
horse shitters


In fact, if it makes you feel better we'll shit bag anyone and everyone on your shitbag list.


In a fit of reverse snobbery you can even send yourself a gift box for your office side-board, the golden turd paper weight or a certificate to frame and hang on your office wall.


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