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John Miller,

  Managing Director, Miller Health P/l

  Keynote speaker

  Corporate health seminar presenter


  Health, fitness and wellbeing program designer.


John' seminar presentations are designed to inspire and motivate people to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.


He's an original thinker with a unique ability to put across concepts relating to health, fitness and wellbeing in an entertaining and thought provoking way.


John is a graduate in Arts, Physical Education (University of Adelaide) and Education (University of South Australia).


John Is experienced in



the successful development, promotion and management of occupational health and fitness programs




professional development, conference organisation and management

  management of corporate and community fitness programs


writing, editing, publishing and internet marketing


He's been an active participant in a range of government and non-government committees at national and state level


Career path


1996 ...

Managing Director, Miller Health P/l




Manager, Australian Institute of Sport Health Management Centre




Management consultancy, Miller Lifestyle Management




Director 1991 ANZAAS Congress




Director, South Australian Recreation Institute




National Executive Director of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and recreation (ACHPER)




Advisory teacher in physical education to the SA Education Department




Physical education teacher with South Australian Education Department and Concordia College.


Miller Health Pty Ltd


Miller Health is an integrated corporate health management company providing corporate organisations with a range of interactive health management programs, assessments and audits.




John's work is best outlined in his websites:




John has developed a number of health, fitness and assessment programs, now in the process of being developed into apps. The programs are destined to change the way the medical and fitness industries measure and monitor the risk of the common body system dysfunctions.


  Aerabyte exercise prescription

  20m run

  Universal Fitness Test

  Health Assessments

  Corporate health seminar programs

  Clinical Diagnosis of Musculo-skeletal dysfunction

  Workplace accident Insurance blueprint


John is a passionate advocate for spending more time playing sport, keeping fit, going to the pictures, reading and going on holidays and less time playing maths.




Age, 72; married to Christine with two daughters, Jo in Cedar Rapids and Lisa in Brisbane.




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John Miller

7 Salvado Place Stirling ACT Australia 2611.

61 2 6288 7703