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A lot of people have written to say how much they've enjoyed one of my seminar sessions, how it fired them up to start looking after themselves better.


If you'd like me to inspire and motivate your staff to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability, just give me a call (0424) 391 749 or send me an email.


John Miller






I'd like to thank you for your presentation to our Women in Management group breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel yesterday. The feedback has been great and personally, I found it really interesting. I always think about the Verdana that I've been feeling a bit down and out (literally with my crook back) and how that effects diet, stress levels, etc yet as soon as it's all fixed, everything else feels great too!


I will fax over a copy of the article in the Advertiser today - great photo and exposure for us.


Thank you for reminding my guests how important they are.


Angela Maglieri
General Manager, Membership Services
Australian Institute of Management




Thank you for your sessions the other day. A lot of the staff have advised that it was excellent and helped some refocussed on the essential in life – taking that five minutes out to smell the roses.






I would like to say thank you for the wellbeing session, especially the one for back in alignment. I've taken most of the benefit from that program and would recommend it to staff members who have a back problem.


I have used Bowen Therapy every four weeks as I have back pain dating back to a past injury when I was a child. I had been constantly visiting chiropractors for the last five years. I've also tried acupuncture, but the pain is still lingering on and off and I could hardly say I feel fine each day.


I was told to do exercise, from complex to simple ones, but none of those exercise suggested by physiotherapy and chiropractors worked for me. It made me either get more headaches or the pain returned rather quickly.


It was very helpful about the office offer of a Crookback session for staff where people were introduced to exercises that can strengthen their back. Since I have tried that many before and yet was still feeling the pains (my back, neck or thigh and leg),


I started to do those exercise suggested by John Miller. I have tried them for 2 weeks.


I feel more comfortable when going to sleep where previously I could not sleep in a certain position. I could feel the aching from my back and my head.


As a result of that, I have cancelled my Bowen therapy and testing how far I can go if

I keep on doing John Miller’s Crookback exercise program. I feel less tired compared to before as I did not do those exercise. I am more productive working during the day.

But the difficult part is – you must do those exercises every day. One day, I did not do that I felt the same problem recurring - pain and headache. I understood my problem is an old injury which I was never aware of. I need to keep it up.


I told my husband to do the same; he feels more comfortable after doing those exercises and more flexible compared to other exercise.


ATO should widely promote this to all staff especially because every one of us are using or sitting in the terminal for a long period of time. This program helps us to get our back in a better re-alignment and there is no other better means to alleviate my pains than the Crookback exercises.


I can control my life more to the way I want and I spend each day 10 to 15 minutes (before going to sleep) and that helps me to have a comfortable sleep and re-energize my whole body.


Regards , Sue


Dear John


I attended the Women in Management Breakfast at the Hyatt last week, and I really enjoyed your talk.


It confirmed a lot of stuff I've only learned this year about dietary habits (and I've lost 11k since February by following them) and gave me some new info too. I wondered if you had any notes that went along with your talk that I could use for reference?


Wishing you every success , Maggie


Hi John,

I've just attended both your talks at World Trade Centre. Brilliant - light, informative, humorous, inspiring. Would you be so kind as to send me your 'aerobic diary' and 'back exercises'.



Hi John


I attended you’re your breakfast on Tuesday July 20th at the Adelaide Hyatt.

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and left the breakfast all inspired.


In fact that is the best advice I have ever heard in regards to taking up jogging!

I would love to get a copy of your book that you mentioned. Could you please let me know how I go about this?


Regards, Paula


Dear John,


Thanks for an inspiring early morning breakfast presentation today - I cringed 80% of the time knowing I was definitely a culprit of "best intentions/ad hoc spurts of activity/then falling back into working & sitting too much.


Cheers, Shirley


Hi John,

Karen and I attended the Women in Management breakfast this morning. We thought you were a great public speaker and we found the information very interesting and motivating.


Regards, Judy


Dear John

You make a lot of sense and I am having to address this area of my life after straying along the food tourist and recreational eating paths

Thanks, Kath


Hi there John,

I really enjoyed the seminar you presented at TGA Symonston yesterday.

I came away really motivated



Dear John,


I enjoyed your seminar immensely and appreciated the humour that permeated your talk. It was informative, delivered in a practical manner and based on (un)common sense.


Although I am lean, fit and healthy, I am always keen to read updated information that will help me stay that way - or improve on the methods I presently employ. People like you will certainly make a difference to the lives of people who aspire to improve their general health and wellbeing, so keep up the good work.


I have recommended your seminar to others in the Tax Office who would enjoy and benefit from your information.


Regards, Sharyn


Hi John,


Thought I'd write and say thanks for your advice. Lactose is my problem........wish I found this out years ago. Have changed to all Soy products that I quite like anyways and my life has changed. No more feeling sick,....really has changed my lifestyle!! (not starving myself because I was to scared there wouldn't be a toilet close by to dash to.....especially made a difference to my week in Bali....that was the last problem I needed).


I have more energy, feel better, and have lost a few Kilo's from staying away from those fatty milk products!!


Thanks again, Kell


Thanks John


Your course gave me inspiration to go back to formal yoga classes, and a
big plus is that I've been able to get my husband to go as well


Thanks for the course - I'm passing on to other people at m y work that it was valuable to attend and they should take the opportunity if another one arises

I look forward to your newsletters and I'm sure they'll contain some gems.




Hello John


Yes - got the job.

Training OK - got the points system going and I am reaching about 700 points a week. Walking to and from work each day also. 30 minutes fast

I often use your quotes and info when talking to people - it certainly has provided a lasting impression.

Thanks and regards, Kelvin



Hi John


It is about time I reported back to you on the success of my change in eating habits since your visit and lecture on the 7 habits of fit and healthy people.


The good news is that my asthma is under control like it has never been before and I am discovering my singing voice which has been long gone. I am off the cortisone sprays and keeping it under control with a non-cortisone spray.


Point two is that I am getting slimmer. I have not lost that much weight but my waist measurement is slowly going down. Not as fast as I would like it to go but it is going.


Point three is that my skin irritations are still there but reducing slowly. I did have a bad outbreak 2 weeks ago from too much sweating during my cardio sessions and I had to use cortisone cream.


oint four is that I have had a lot more energy during the day and feel less dependent on snacks etc to get me through the day.


I hope you are well and enjoying the long weekend.


Regards, John




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